Foxy Title
…That’s his unofficial-official title on the islands. We couldn’t come to the BVIs without stopping by to say hi to our good friend Foxy. To say he’s a character wouldn’t be doing him justice! He always has a story (or a song) to share with anyone that wants to hear it. He runs two restaurant-bars, a brewery, a distillery, and a music school…Foxy’s ready for anything that comes his way! Everybody who visits the BVIs just knows that they have to stop by Foxy’s. It’s the unofficial capitol of Jost van Dyke! It may be 90º outside, but you can come inside for a cold drink (we recommend the Sly Fox) and leave with a story or two! We love Foxy and we love his outlook. His advice for people looking for the Good Life? “Always be truthful and be you."
Tommy Header
Tommy Title
We were walking through Soper’s Hole in Tortola when we met Tommy. He was hanging out on the beach with his friend Kezzia…we could just tell they knew the water. Turns out he grew up in Scotland—some great things really do come from there…it’s the birthplace of golf and the toaster, too! He made his way to Australia, and eventually made the best move of all time and took up residence in the BVIs. Absolutely incredible out on the water, he’s a pro kite-boarder and owner of Tommy Gaunt Kitesurfing in Anegada. If you need a lesson in kiteboarding, paddleboarding, or basically anything with water—he’s the best there is.
Amanda Title
Amanda is awesome; she a yoga instructor, a choreographer, a dancer, and—hold your breath—a CPA (cue brow furrow)! She really has it all here in the BVIs— her family is here and this is where she runs her yoga studio. We don’t really do yoga (although Ian does a mean cobra pose), but Amanda had us striking warrior pose 1, 2, and 3. An entrepreneur who’s living the Good Life on island time—we totally connected with her! Amanda stretches every day to the fullest and never has to miss the little things; she summed it up perfectly when she said, “the BVIs are the perfect combination of the things I love.”
Kezzia Title
…That’s our kind of triple threat. We met Kezzia back with Tommy on Peter Island. We saw her out on the water and knew she was a natural—we had to meet her! She’s so passionate about kitesurfing and life on the water that it’s literally contagious. One of the lucky few, she’s a native to the BVIs and knows the island inside and out and, more importantly, she knows how to find the best surf. She says this is the best place to come looking for waves, because the islands are still “kind of undiscovered.” Her love for island life doesn’t stop there; she’s also the Event Director of Mai Tai Global, which is a non-profit dedicated to environmental causes. We love our day jobs, but who couldn’t stand to take a page out of Kezzia’s book?