Old Meets New In Kennebunk With Jackie Greaney & Paul Havel

Living the Good Life along the picture-perfect Maine Coast with Jackie, Paul and their pup, Poppy.

Creative duo Jackie and Paul met through Instagram in 2015, and after traveling to Kennebunk a few times for work, they finally decided to trade the hustle and bustle of NYC for a more permanent slice of paradise on the Maine coast.

“Whenever we traveled somewhere, we'd sort of toy with the idea of leaving New York,” Jackie told us. “So we’d ask each other, ‘Would you live here?’ And when we visited Kennebunk, we just unanimously thought yes. We ended up coming back three or four times that year, fell in love with it in every season and decided to make the move.”

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Kennebunk (or its close neighbor Kennebunkport), you know that all it takes is a weekend trip, or just a few hours strolling around town, to fall in love with the area’s old-school New England charm and laid-back coastal vibe.

“A lot of the things that we love to photograph and that we’ve travelled all over New England to find, Kennebunk has,” said Jackie. “We love the architecture, the history, the old cars and local businesses, and the dog-friendly beaches. We like to start every day at the beach with our lab, Poppy, and that's something that you can do here year-round.”

We first connected with Jackie and Paul back in 2017 when they did some stop-motion videos for us featuring our bow ties (throwback!) through their production agency, Dock Square Studio. Since then, we’ve been keeping up with their adventures through their artfully curated, picture-perfect Insta grids (follow them both @jackiegreaney & @pjhavel to see what we mean).

But their impeccable taste doesn’t stop at their social media pages. In addition to running Dock Square Studio, Jackie and Paul are also the owners of SEACRAFT, a rotating collection of coastal curiosities in Kennebunk—and one of our favorite stores to pop into and do some damage when in town. Tucked away down a shell-lined path, the tiny red shop is filled to the brim with salvaged nautical gear, artwork and vintage treasures from all over New England, all curated by the couple.

“We both always wanted to start an antique store,” Paul told us. “We had it in the back of our minds that at some point we would be selling nauticals and antiques.”

For Jackie, the charming storefront sealed the deal. “Finding this cottage as our location, it’s just our dream store,” she said. “The shiplap, the faded red exterior, the teeny size—everything about it is perfect.”

When they’re not manning the shop with their loyal pup (and front-door greeter), Jackie and Paul spend most of their free time sourcing. “We'll go to a lot of antique shows, estate sales, a few flea markets and just dig,” said Paul. “This area is so rich with history and nautical items that you always find something somewhere.”

Visitors to SEACRAFT might be surprised to learn that, despite the perfectly curated assortment of coastal antiques, neither Jackie nor Paul are born-and-bred Mainers, let alone New Englanders. (Paul is from Ohio and Jackie grew up in Southern California.)

“Our aesthetic and our appreciation of New England actually comes from being outsiders,” said Jackie. “Because we moved to the region, I think we appreciate the romance and beauty of it even more. A lot of the history here, even the simple things like the changing seasons, are still so magical for us 10 years later.”

So what’s next for SEACRAFT?

“We’re expanding!” Jackie told us excitedly. “Right next door, there's a large blue building about five times the size of our current location—and in there we'll have a store where we’ll have manufactured goods alongside larger vintage items.” The couple hopes to officially open the annex space, which they’ve dubbed The Storehouse, by Christmas 2021 (so now you know when to plan your next visit).

But their business isn’t the only thing that’s expanding right now—the couple is expecting their first child this fall. “We're excited to have a little baby for the holidays and then an eight-month-old to take to the beach in the summer,” said Jackie beaming. “We're really excited to find out the gender,” Paul added. “It’s going to be a fun surprise!”

In the meantime, the couple is savoring the days before three become four by taking lots of walks with their dog at their favorite local beach, Goose Rocks.

“Our Every day should feel this good moment is driving in the old Land Rover down the beach with Poppy and going to get a lobster roll on a nice night.”

It doesn’t get more quintessential Maine than that.

If you’re in the area, be sure to pay Jackie, Paul and Poppy a visit at SEACRAFT (2 Morning Walk Lane, Cottage 4 in downtown Kennebunk) or online at www.seacraftvintage.com.