Robbie & Jonathan

Weekend Warriors

Robbie & Jonathan Greenglass

You know those guys who can’t help but be the life of the party? That’s these guys. Robbie and Jonathan can’t go from one place to another in five minutes…it’s usually point A to point B with a whole alphabet of stops in between. And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Robbie lives and works in Boston and heads to the Vineyard every chance he gets. He drives to Falmouth, MA and brings his boat across the Vineyard Sound. He often ties up right at the bottom of Main Street—his blue Everglades boat has become a fixture in Edgartown Harbor.

His friends call the ride from Falmouth a “three-song trip” because that’s really all that they have time for. He and Jonathan post up at the Port Hunter or the Atlantic on Friday night, and on Saturday morning usually head out to Cape Poge to swim and hang and listen to more than just three songs with their friends.

“Usually, when we see Shep and Ian out on the water, they shake their heads at us (while probably wishing they were with us).”

There’s no stress out there by the Cape and in front of the Edgartown Lighthouse. We’re all out there to have fun!