Dominic & Tristano Manzo


Dominic and Tristano Manzo were some of our original Good Life Guides. “We got to meet Shep and Ian at headquarters last year and we hit it off,” Dominic told us. “Shep still laughs that the first question I asked him was ‘How many pairs of Crocs do you own?’”

Now living in Florida the brothers are still committed the vineyard vines lifestyle. “What I love most about vineyard vines is the fact that the clothing not only looks good, it feels good,” Tristano said.

One day last year they got a call from their great uncle Angelo. He had a 1988 Chevy G20 van with a lot of life left in it sitting in his garage. “That’s where we came in,” Dominic told us. “We just thought that we needed to take this thing on the road. The only thing that was asked of us was that we take a lot of pictures of the van in front of palm trees.” So on the road they went.

They decided to load up the van with surfboards and skateboards, fishing rods and dive gear, and trek from West Palm Beach to Key West. We sent along our trusty photographer and fellow long-haired Floridian Erick Dent to capture the action. Needless to say, they had a good time.

After our time on the road with them, we have a feeling these guys won’t be slowing down any time soon. “Right now my brother and I both attending Palm Beach Atlantic University down here in Florida,” Tristano told us. “Not only do we get to be in warm weather year-round, but being walking distance to the ocean is a great fit for our lifestyle. So far, we are having a blast!”

Keep living that Good Life fellas! We’ll see you soon.

"Every Day Should Feel This Good is truly a way of life. We love to spend time with our friends, family and take on new adventures." Tristano Manzo
"Living everyday to the fullest is really important. There are so many gorgeous places to see in this world, you can’t take things for granted. I don't want to have any regrets or feel like I missed out on adventures, so why not create them?" Dominic Manzo