Abbie Schuster

Abbie on the fly

Abbie Schuster

We like to think we know pretty much everyone on the Vineyard by now. Abbie is one of the coolest, most experienced fly-fishers around and we’re happy we met her out on the water.

Abbie’s the owner and guide at Kismet Outfitters on the island. The company teaches all levels and ages of anglers how to fly-fish—they even host trips across the U.S. and abroad.

She started fishing from her dad’s shoulders when she was too small to wade. But, it wasn’t until she moved away for college that she realized how special fly-fishing can be. One day she had a realization that she should become a fly-fishing guide…so she did just that.

She went to guide school and started her business soon after. Why the name “Kismet”? Because Abbie says that this was her destiny. (Kismet means destiny or fate!) Abbie participates in the infamous Fishing Derby every year. She barely sleeps during it, since the stripers are nocturnal. But she says it’s a “good tired.” On a typical day of work, she tries to make two trips—ideally, she’ll see the sunrise and the sunset. How cool is that?

Eventually, Abbie hopes to expand and possibly open a space where the fly-fishing community can get together. “You have to be a certain type of person to love fly-fishing, and you have to be able to help one another grow.”