Jenny Tatelman


“I grew up on the water, these waters right here, and have been fishing them since I was a little girl. Fishing, sailing, and lobstering were our go-to activities as kids. I can't think of a better place to learn a love for the ocean than Marblehead, MA.” Jenny Tatelman told us, as we sat in her boat and bobbed off the rocky coast. “I got into fly fishing because of my dad; he is an angler and I was his sidekick growing up. I’d go out with him in search of striped bass any time I could. I was always so intrigued as I watched him fly fish from the bow and excited by each fish that I saw hit the surface and make a splash.”

For Jenny, fly fishing started as a hobby, grew into a passion and finally became a career—she is the founder and guide for FlyandFlow, a fly fishing expedition company that focuses on introducing women to the sport. “I started FlyandFlow not only to encourage women to learn how to fly fish, but also to encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. And learning to fly fish together as women, meeting new people, it’s an instant connection,” Jenny said. “As a female in the industry, I quickly learned that we're kind of a rare breed. While momentum is definitely growing for women in fly fishing, and has been for some time now, it's still a bit outside the norm. Every time I stand on the bow with a fly rod in hand, I feel empowered. Every time I head out to sea with the horizon in front of me, I feel incredibly grateful and connected. Fly fishing is so much more than just landing fish. I wanted other women to experience this."

As Jenny stood, rod in hand, she watched the water’s surface for any action. “One of my favorite types of fly fishing is off the rocks targeting striped bass,” she said. “It's the perfect habitat for these fish where the ocean swell meets the edge. Between the beautiful rocky coastline and the abundance of food, stripers thrive in this environment. Each time I'm mesmerized by the white wash and filled with a desire to figure out what's below. Every time I'm out here, it feels like home.”

“I can relate best to a woman, or really anyone for that matter, when I have a fly rod in my hand.” — JENNY
jenny tatelman on a moped down by the water
jenny tatelman showing off her big catch
jenny tatelman and friends hanging on the bow of the boat jenny tatelman laughing while holding a fishing rod
jenny tatelman showing off some of her vineyard vines style