Coming Home To Maine with Louise Lynch

Louise Lynch knew the simple lifestyle and family values instilled in her from growing up in Maine was something she wanted to pass onto her own family. Now, she’s doing just that.

Louise Lynch, a social worker and mom, and her husband, Eoin, are both originally from Yarmouth, Maine. So it only made sense that they returned to their hometown to raise their own family there as well. "Eoin and I moved back to Maine in 2012 when we felt like we were ready to settle down and raise our family. We just built a house in Yarmouth, and before that, we were in Portland. It’s been really nice to be back," Louise explains.

She and her husband both value family above everything—but a close second is the uniqueness and charm of Maine.

"What brought us back to Maine is that we really want to prioritize our family. My family is here, Eoin's family is here; and because we grew up in Maine and have had such special memories, it was kind of a must to have our kids relive those same experiences."

Plus, she dubs Maine a "Kids’ Vacationland." "We're always outside. There's so much to explore and see; whether it's the lakes, the mountains, or the ocean." She’s also grateful for the values that Maine has instilled in her, and will continue to instill in her children. "I think that Maine is simple. Life here is easy, and those are values that are important to our family."

Of course being a local, we could all take a page from Louise and her family’s Maine traditions, which all depend on the season.

"In the fall, it's apple picking; and in the winter, it’s ice skating, sledding and being outside. Even going to the beach in the winter is one of our favorite things." Cold, but we respect it! "In the summer, we love to come to the island and get out on the boat. Although my kids are a little young, we'll also be making a lot of s'mores pretty soon."

Another must-do activity is checking out Maine by boat, Louise suggests. "You have to see Maine by the water. Check out the islands: whether you're mid-coast, down East, or Casco Bay–get out and see Maine by the water. My favorite part is the mid-coast area. We vacation there every August, and it really holds a special place in my heart."

As far as ‘must-don’ts’, Louise recommends skipping out on the restaurants in favor of a DIY approach. "Instead of feeling like you have to go to a restaurant and get this great big lobster roll, go out to a local fish market and buy your own. Or just think about how to create your own meal outside of some of the restaurants." She worries that the Maine restaurants may not exactly love this idea; but don’t worry, Louise–they have to respect a true Mainer’s opinion.

As far as her go-to spots in her hometown of Yarmouth, Louise loves Rosemont Market and Bakery, a small coffee shop in Yarmouth. "It's a spot that we go to every weekend. And today, we went to the Yankee Boat Marina in Yarmouth, and checked out some of the boats on the Royal River." Not a bad way to spend the day. Diamond Cove also holds a special place in Louise’s heart. "This is a place where my parents bought a home about five years ago. So now, this is a place where my family comes on the weekends. My sister even comes up from New York, and it really has become a new tradition for our family."

Yet, her most simple pleasure is watching the sunrise with her kids. It’s her Every day should feel this good moment, in fact.

"Now that we have kids, we’re really embracing being able to see the sunrise every morning. We’re up early, and we get to watch it popping through the trees from our yard. The excitement and joy we experience together as we watch the sunrise every morning is when I remind myself to sit back and appreciate the simple moments–because they’re pretty darn good."

Sounds like she made the perfect decision returning to Maine.