When we think of game-time food, there’s only one guy we wanna hang out in a parking lot with—and that’s our friend and host of Man V. Food, Casey Webb. To get us pumped for Tailgating Season, Webb spent the morning with us at Fenway, talking burgers and dogs...and puppies.

VV: What’s your favorite tailgate food?

CW: My favorite tailgate food: burgers, dogs and sausage. Call me a traditionalist. I do like to hide some skirt steak or hanger steak in the cooler and then fire the grill back up once the crowd has thinned out a little bit. There is nothing like sharing a steak with your diehard friends right before the game.

VV: Man v. Food is a sweet gig! How’s it going?

CW: It’s the sweetest of gigs. We are right in the middle of filming Season 4 for Cooking Channel and looking for more. When I booked the show I was acting and working in bars in New York. The combination of the two turned out to be a great training ground for the show. I’m not a classically trained chef, but I learned from the ground up by working in kitchens and all areas of the business. So with Man v. Food the worlds collided.

VV: What’s your Every day should feel this good moment?

CW: I LOVE MY PUPPY! I’m on the road a lot so it’s a really honest moment for me when I pick up that little dude, because he’s just pure joy.

Gearing Up For Game Day with Casey Webb

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