Frequently Asked Questions

1) I didn’t get a mailer! How do I get my sticker passport?

You can download yours online! Click above!
**Please note that stickers received in-store versus online may vary in size, however all entries with the correct stickers in the correct order will be eligible for the prize.

2) How do I know when I can get the new stickers?

Subscribe to our email list and follow @vineyardvines to get updates on the newest stickers to add to your passport! Stickers are released on a weekly basis.

3) Where can I get the latest stickers for my passport?

Head to your local vineyard vines store to pick up the latest sticker. Make sure to keep an eye out for clues on our social media channels for hints about where you can find digital stickers on our website!

4) Will the digital sticker still count towards filling my passport?

Yes! Print it out and put it on your passport—just make sure you have them all in order!

5) I missed the July 17th launch date, can I still participate?

If you can catch up with the correct stickers, then you’re still in the running!

6) Who should I reach out to if I have questions?

Our customer care team is still here to help. However, stickers can only be received in store or found on our website. All inquiries can be sent to

7) I completed my passport! What do I do now?

Great job! Take a picture and send it to us at The first correct 1,000 submissions will be eligible for a special prize from Shep and Ian!

8) When is my passport submission due by?

We will accept submissions until Saturday, September 30th at 11:59PM EST.

9) How many sticker passports can I complete?

We will only be accepting one passport per customer!

No purchase necessary. In order to participate, customers must download and print the passport and collect all 8 stickers in correct order. An image of a completed passport needs to be submitted to by 11:59PM EST on 9/30/17. The first 1000 people to submit a correct image of their completed passport will be eligible to win an exclusive gift from Shep & Ian. Entries that are incomplete, incompletely received, corrupted or untimely, or unable to be viewed by vineyard vines, for any reason, are void and will be disqualified. Limit one (1) entry per person/email address. All emails to or calls to 800-892-4982 requesting exclusive passport stickers will be disqualified. Passport sticker sheets are available in stores while supplies last.