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Anne Palmer Bio
Anne Palmer Title

I LIVE IN Saratoga, CA with my family.

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… golfing, hiking, and walking the beach with my family and our dogs.

I WAS ECSTATIC when I heard! I’m very stoked and honored to be a Good Life Guide.

Dominic Manzo Bio
Dominic Manzo Title

MY BRO and I live in Raleigh.

MY EDSFTG IS… waking up, hopping in the Jeep, picking up a few friends and hanging at the beach all day…maybe playing some lacrosse, too.

I WAS SO EXCITED that my brother, Tristano (see below!) and I got picked together! We can’t wait to show everyone how we live the Good Life.

Caity Begg Bio
Caity Begg Title

I’M A San Francisco girl.

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… a morning run, time with my family, and growing my business.

I’VE BEEN WEARING vineyard vines clothing since 12. I was so excited to represent the brand and live the lifestyle!

Braden Hoyt Bio
Braden Hoyt Title

I’M FROM California, and I live in Corte Madera now.

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… hanging on the ranch, riding a horse, fly-fishing, or sailing out on the water.

I WAS PSYCHED when I found out that I’d be a Good Life Guide. I try to make everything I do about living life to the fullest. This’ll be a new way to do it.

Renisha Silva Bio
Reinisha Silva Title

I’M FROM Boston.

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… doing something with my children. I have two kids. Usually, we’ll go to the beach we live on…or, we’ll go camping or hiking together.

WHEN I FOUND OUT that I was a Good Life Guide, I was very pleased—and so were my kiddies!

Tristiano Manzo Bio
Tristiano Manzo Title

I’M FROM Raleigh.

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… waking up before sunrise, heading down to the beach and surfing all day with my buddies.

THE FACT THAT my brother, Dominic (see above!) and I get to show people how we live the Good Life is awesome—we’re super excited.

Matt Hare Bio
Matt Hare Title

I LIVE IN Columbus, OH. And I’m a Buckeye!

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… hanging out with my awesome wife and my newborn baby—whether we’re going to the park or just walking through town.

WHEN I HEARD that I’d been picked, I was honored! In 2009, I was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer, and since then I’ve tried to embody that Every Day Should Feel This Good mentality, because those days aren’t promised.

Sarah Luisi Bio
Sarah Luisi Title

I’M AN Ohioan. I live in Columbus, but I run and bike all over the place!

MY EDSFTG MOMENT IS… ending the day with a long bike ride through town with friends.

I WAS HONESTLY caught off guard when I found out. I’m so honored to represent a brand that encourages people to pursue their passions.