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Verb [boh-pis]:

1. To win at shopping.

I totally forgot about that party later, so I BOPISed an outfit from vineyard vines and picked it up the same day.

how it works

CAN'T GET THERE TODAY? No problem. We’ll hold your order at the store for 3 days.

Why It's Awesome

  1. It’s Free.
    Put that shipping money towards something better. Like pizza.
  2. It’s Fast.
    You get everything else ASAP—takeout, groceries, a ride. We’ll typically have your order ready in 3 hours or less.
  3. It’s Flexible.
    Hit up the dressing room, swap a size, make a return—or just grab it and go.
  4. It’s Convenient.
    Need a gift for your friend’s birthday? ...And it’s tonight? We got you (and we’ll even gift wrap it).

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