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Andrew Campbell
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“I’ve been going down to the yacht club to go sailing every day after school since I was 10 or 12 years old. I remember coming home to my parents’ house just dripping wet and frozen, then having to put a towel down and sit on the kitchen bench in wet shorts because I was late for dinner.”

Matt Cassidy
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“We start in the gym at six in the morning. After training sessions there, we hop on the boat and sail for four hours. Then we go to debriefing meetings. We have 12 to 14 hour days at minimum. I always try to rush home to see my wife, Cody, though!”

“If you told me 10 or 15 years ago I’d be doing this as a job, I would’ve said you were crazy. So just keep living your life and living your dreams and you can really do anything.”

Joey Newton
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As a veteran member of Oracle Team USA, Joey is about to compete in his sixth America’s Cup! With such an intense job it can be hard to find a balance, but he says he always makes time “to have dinner with the family, spend time with the kids, and get involved. We’ve got a lot of interests—the kids like boating and the beach, so we’re always trying to do that as a family.”

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If you’re in Bermuda, there’s only one person you’ll want to show you around and he’s our good friend, Nigel. A native to Bermuda, his welcoming energy and pride for the island is contagious, he says “this is the only place that I can call home and I’m very proud of my island because of what it stands for…what it does for people when they come here.”

Nigel is sure to make your day better…and leave you wanting to make someone else’s day better, too! Manners and respect are everything to the local culture in Bermuda, “the island is a very close knit community. No matter how many times you see someone during the day, you always speak and show respect.”

Joey Newton
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At first glance, the blazer-clad and dog-embracing Hubert Watlington probably doesn’t strike you as an Olympic windsurfer. But he’s actually responsible for bringing the sport to Bermuda—he represented the island in the 1984 Olympics!

Hubert also restored the oldest boat on the entire island: the Shamrock. “She,” as he lovingly refers to the boat, was originally built in about 1870…and he paid $10 for her. “She tends to be a bit of a pain because she needs a lot of attention. But she’s a good traditional boat…always fun to sail and perfect for beginners.”