Customer Testimonial

"Hey Tie Guys! Just got the College Collection tote for the lady friend. Loves it! Thanks and keep up the good work!" - Ryan B.

"I placed an order on Sunday, I received half of it a couple days ago, yesterday I received a call to let me know that the other belt was not in but they could call the retail stores and have it shipped overnight if it was available so that I can have presents in time for Christmas. I just wanted to say that I am very impressed and thank you." - Lori B.

"I put in an order tonight with a darling girl. She was very patient with me and treated me as though no other person was waiting on the line...which I know, this close to Christmas, there must have been many. Please know what a wonderful representative she is of your product with her caring and interested approach." - Valerie B.

"I have ordered several gifts for this Holiday Season from vineyard vines. I am so pleased with the merchandise and the beautiful packaging makes it an even more special gift! Looking forward to many more purchases. Also the standard delivery is great! Receive most often in one day!" - Carolyn H.

"I placed an order on Wednesday morning, Dec.15 and my package arrived the very next afternoon, without an express shipping charge. This was amazing! My sons already love your clothes and now I love your service. Thanks again and keep up the good work!" - Susan F.

"I have always been thoroughly satisfied with every item I have purchased I have made from vineyard vines.
Please keep up the good work." - Craig L.

"Thanks so much!! Great customer service!! That's why I come back every December and buy presents through VV! Love giving your ties and polos as gifts!" - Carrie F.

"During the stressful holiday time it is a pleasure to know that I can count on vineyard vines for quality gifts that arrive at my home within days of ordering. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my entire order just days after placing it online. Thanks so much for making the holidays easier!" - Nancy H.

"Loved the whale YouTube video. Very funny. Also, love your ties and glad you are in North Palm Beach! Finally!" - Diana S.

"Just finished viewing your holiday catalog and I can't say enough. LOVE the format and all the personal interest stories "hit the spot". Very refreshing!" - Kate B.

"I love my new blue waffle shirt! Way to go guys!" - Linda C.

"This is a particular thank you for the people in your Georgetown store. Our 6-year old daughter has been in rehearsal for her ballet performance nearby. For the past few weeks, it has become custom for me to pick her up, our 3-year old daughter in tow, and descend on the streets of Georgetown. We invariably wind up in your store. Our daughters love to color and play with the wooden train and games at the table. I usually try to purchase something (today: two pocket squares and a scarf for my wife). But your salespeople are exquisitely kind to our daughters. They have come to regard your store as a kind of clubhouse (the place where we can color), where smiling adults indulge them with whale stickers. I am very grateful for their kindness. Next blazer I buy will be from your store. Probably a few ties, too. But it cannot begin to repay you for the kindness your people have paid to our little girls." - Scott S.

"Thank you so much for all of your help! I love vineyard vines, and I have always thought that customer service was one of your strengths. Please don't change!" - Miranda E.

"Just a note to say how much I love your products. It's to snow again here in Colorado tomorrow and I am very excited to wear my new "happy" clothes. Thank you for brightening my days!" - Margaret F.

"…you guys not only design and sell great products, but, also, your customer relations program "knocks my socks off." "I have purchased lots of clothes and accessories over five decades, but your company is the best…hands down at product, presentation, price, quality and service. THANK YOU!!!" - Harry N., Ph.D.

"I just wanted to thank you so much for placing me in the fall catalog. It seriously meant the world to me. This is something I have dreamed about since I discovered VV. I cannot thank you enough! You have my business and everyone's that I know for life now!" - George W.

"We love Vineyard Vines! Thank you so much!!!!" - Mary Alison V.

"Keep it up, your guys do a great job. P.S. Say hey to Ian, he saved me from getting my butt kicked in the beach parking lot on Martha's Vineyard the summer of '99!" - John L.

"All the products have been OUTSTANDING. I am living the Good Life! THANK YOU for the QUALITY PRODUCTS." - Vince O.

"I am relatively new to purchasing from your company, though I love your aesthetic and now wear almost nothing else…the customer service I have received from your employees has made vineyard vines my principal destination for casual clothing for my family." - Mark K.

"One of the first, and my very favorite things to do when I arrive on the Vineyard is to stop by your store and pick up your latest designs." - Jenna Leigh K.

"If you check my account, you'll see how much I have spent revamping my wardrobe, so obviously I have found ‘my store’." - Susan C.

"We will continue to do business with your company wherever and whenever possible. Many thanks for your superb customer service." - Carol Z.

"It's really nice because where I live in the U.K, nobody has heard of vineyard vines, and therefore, I'm the only person in my school that wears it, apart from my twin brother. It's outstanding how a now, highly-respected brand, simply started from two people making ties, just goes to show that you can really do what you want if you try!" - Oliver, age 14

"The quality speaks for itself! Keep up the great work." - Gregory W.

"My angler fleece just arrived in the mail- it is warm and looks great. Awesome product, thanks!" - Mike P.

"Men's Pique Polos - my husband works on a golf course and VV's pique polos are the only ones that last. WORTH EVERY PENNY." - Lisa N.

"I bought several pair of the boys boxers and they are so adorable on my 2-year old. I finally have a reason to potty train him!" - Randall W.

"I had unbelievable customer service experience with vineyard vines this week. Great company to do business with." - Shawn P.

"Just got the Nor’easter Jacket. Best purchase in a while." - Allen M.

"Great customer service every time!" - Suzanne L.

"I have to say, that I LOVE your products. I've purchased many totes, belts, bags and other gifts for people. Whenever I'm in a gift-bind, I always know that I can depend on vineyard vines to hook me up with something sweet!" - Rheanna M.

"The whale sticker just came in the mail yesterday- I was so excited to get it! Thank you so much for all of your help! I love vineyard vines, and I have always thought that customer service was one of your strengths. Please don't change!" - Miranda E.

"I was so excited today when I found a perfect coat, just what I've been looking for, on your website, and at 25% off your already reduced price." - Susan L.

"I live in California and have received many compliments on my vineyard vines apparel. People love the whale!" - Jessica K.

"I love yall's stuff. I actually did VV gift baskets for a bachelorette party I attended this summer and they were a huge hit. You guys are the best. Keep up the amazing work!"
- Laura P.

"I wear your T-shirts, polos, ties, swimsuits, and croakies all the time, and they are all top of the line quality. I love the way you all run your company. Your customer service is excellent!" - Connor S.

"I absolutely love your boxers and shorts. Your products are so great!" - William G.

"Not to go into great detail but I have articles of clothing ranging from Patchwork Seersucker Shorts, over twenty belts, at least four ties, a hat, four shirts, the ‘Ho Ho Ho’ and Christmas Whale Cords and most recently, the Muddler Cords. I am very picky about how I dress and present myself and you guys allow me to do so in fine fashion. Thank you for creating such a great product line." - Brian Y.

"Love love love your tote bags!!" - Lisa L.

"Sailfish Sign Hat in Captain Blue.... the perfect hat, wear it everywhere!" - Cory B.

"Love the Shep Shirt for women!!! It's absolutely perfect." - Jeannie F.

"I love the Whales Lazy Pants so much, I bought them in both the pink and the grey! They are so comfortable and wash well too." - Jackie B.

"Absolutely in love with the Bow River Jacket! It's war, comfortable, washes well, is a great color, and the best Christmas present I got by far!" - Julie G.

"I've been a fan for almost as long as VV has been in business. With their fresh and fun designs I have always been able to bring a little bit of the Cape with me no matter how far from the water my life takes me." - Erin O.

"Just want to say I love the products I ordered, love the gift boxes as requested for each item for Father's Day, and love how quickly everything arrived. Love vineyard vines!" - Marlena B.

"I love love LOVE all of your clothes, and I appreciate your closeness with the community." -Nicole B.

"Love the new baseball ties! Creative and incredible! Keep up the good work!" - Brian F.

"First off let me say that I love your products. Fab, classic looks with whimsical touches. Your catalogues are great and I love the profile stories." - Megan L.

"I LOVE YOUR SKORT….While shopping in Hilton Head, SC I discovered your line. It is the best fitting skort I have every tried on." - Nancy H.

"I fell in love with the Whale Shirts and polos the minute I laid eyes on the various vineyard vines clothing for sale. Words cannot describe on how much I love vineyard vines and how huge of a fan I am. I am truly glad that Shep and Ian quit their desk jobs." - Casper Y.

"I've been a customer for a while now, and my wardrobe includes vineyard vines almost exclusively. Among recent purchase, the Sport Fisher T-shirt, color green. This is the same boat as we currently have sitting in front of Baxters in Hyannis. I am EXTREMELY impressed with your clothing!" - Reno K.

"Up ‘til now I have primarily shopped online mostly out of convenience but also because we did not have a local store ‘til recently, but I am now absolutely sold on your retail store and will be even further inclined to shop there from now on." - Jerome P.

"A well run store with excellent employees. Nice job." - Ed P.

"I have been buying vineyard vines ties and shirts for all the men in my life for about 5 years now. I just want y'all to know that you have the BEST customer services reps I have ever worked with- retail or otherwise." - Sarah D.

"Your website is now our opening page on our computer. We plan on purchasing select items for our children and wedding gifts for weddings we are going to this summer, on the coast (how appropriate)." - Brendan L.

"I have told everyone I know that they must order from vineyard vines if they want quality products with excellent service." - Amy S.

"I just wanted to say I love the V-Neck Simple Tee Shirts that I just received in the mail. They are so beautiful and they fit so well." - Vickey C.

"If your ties are indicative of the quality and beauty of your other products, who can go wrong by ordering from VV?!?!" - Patricia M.

"I love my shorts. I find that your tops and pants fit perfectly and they are durable, they didn’t fade when I washed them." - Nathan W.
"You guys deserve an A+ on customer service and satisfaction." - Leslie R.

I just want let you know I appreciate your amazing service. Whenever I have ordered a product the receiver has emailed or called me! I appreciate and want to acknowledge excellent customer service. Thank you! - Mary Ann T.

Just wanted to let you know that I received the spring VV catalog yesterday and it was the most fun and uplifting piece of mail I have received in a long time. Summer and the seashore are two of my very favorite things - along with the vineyard vines fun clothing line! Thank you!! -Mary Beth S.

It is not too often that I find myself wanting to contact a company and tell them that they are doing a good job, but in this case it is well deserved. I began buying your clothing late last year, mostly long sleeved shirts. The quality and fit of these products were such that I now browse your website and find numerous items to add to my "wish list." The design along with the quality fabric create a shirt that comes across to any crowd I encounter, be it a bar or a business meeting. The only suggestion I would make is to have more "discounted" shopping opportunities as the cost of my "wish list" is such that a 27 year old trying to be a grown up can not always afford a new outfit. Hope all is well and have a great day! - Joseph B.

Shep & Ian, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know I appreciate the continued great work. I have always enjoyed wearing Vineyard Vines clothing since it came out. When it came out, I was just finishing high school & still wear it to this day. I wore it in the northeast growing up, wore it in college in florida, & wear it as a professional now. I always visited the retail stores & today was my first online order. The experience was very pleasant and I thank you for that. Keep tie'ing one on fellas. Hard work, strong drive & dedication to your product-sure pays off. Thanks again. - Kevin S.

I just wanted to thank you guys for being so great!! I love everything about vineyard vines!! I ordered croakies for all of my room mates for spring break, and we are excited to rock them!! Who knew VV looked so great on Ray-Bans :) I also fell in love with the mens fish burgee frocket shirt. Who said girls cant wear mens shirts? :) I am so excited about adding a new sorority to the VV collection!! I am a loyal and PROUD sister of Alpha Delta Pi, and there is nothing that I would LOVE more than having a VV ADPi tote!!! Thank you so much for making a product that me and thousands of others can love!!! Plus, I love having whale stickers on everything I have. - Brittany N.

Recently, I have come to realize that Vineyard Vines is my favorite product in my closet. I absolutely love everything that is vineyard vines and that it represents. From the classic style and cut to your clothes to the adorable prints on your totes and ties. The "Vineyard Vines" life describes to me everything that is classy, simple and elegant.. Which in these days those qualities seem to be forgotten by some. With this email I wanted to convey to everyone at your company my appreciation for all that you do and that I will continue to be a loyal customer! - Vaughn S.

Just wanted to say hey and let you know you guys are doing an amazing job and I adore your company!! Hope you had a great holiday season and the best new year awaits you! Mine will surely be one filled with Vineyard Vines apparel :) - Amanda H.

Hey guys, love your awesome stuff!!! A great big hi from Western North Carolina!!! - Tony R.

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for creating such an excellent line of products. I assume you normally receive more complains than compliments, as do most customer service divisions, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for the high quality of your products. Over the years, I have purchased countless items of clothing, ties, and accessories for myself, my parents, and my boyfriend. You have also created custom totes for my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, which I and my sisters have also purchased. You have consistently delivered a top-notch product that has been durable, classy, and fun that I have recommended and will continue to recommend to many family and friends. Once again, thank you for your great work! - Alexandra S.

I just wanted to let you know that I love all of your clothes sooooo much and I couldn't be happier with the customer service that I receive when I got to any of you stores. Keep up the good work!!! - Gen M.

Hello Vineyard Vines! First let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Meredith Dunn and I am a student at the University of Tennessee at Martin. I want to just take a brief moment to say thank you to your company for providing such a great product line. I have never worn more comfortable clothes and along with the women's clothing, I am a huge fan of the men's t-shirts - they are great! I also am a Tennessee Vols fan, so I love the patterns you have for the totes! I currently serve as chapter president of my sorority, and was named Greek Woman of the Year, so when I wear the vineyard vines logo or brand, I know I will always look my best. Thank you for the quality!! - Meredith D.

Just wanted to thank Vineyard Vines for EXCELLENT customer service related to my purchase of 14 ties for my wedding. You were very responsive and resourceful to make sure I received exactly what I needed. I appreciate the assistance and look forward to the ties arriving. - Richard J.

I just wanted to tell you guys how much I like all of your stuff. I wear it every day and I never fail to get complements or have someone ask where I got something from. I love everything that I have ordered from you guys but my favorites have to be the classic polos and the canvas belts! I am defiantly going to order the Shark Frenzy one very soon! Also, Whenever I order something it is always on time getting to my house which I really appreciate! Thanks again! - Brian H.

Hi - during the stressful holiday time it is a pleasure to know that I can count on Vineyard Vines for quality gifts that arrive at my home within days of ordering. I was pleasantly surprised to receive my entire order just days after placing it online. Thanks so much for making the holidays easier! - Nancy H.

You guys are so talented! You saw a need and took off with it. Congratulations! I just wanted to pass along how much I totally dig this company. I don’t order a lot from you guys on-line… it’s not always the most, "fiscally responsible" shot in my bag… but I am a huge fan of the whole product universe and overall vibe you guys put out there. That being said, I just put an order in for a sweater for my girlfriend - I hit the "confirm purchase" button around 4:00 on Monday (the 12th)… well here it is, 10:00am on Wednesday the 14th, and the box just got dropped off at my desk. wow. I mean, I’m still waiting for stuff I ordered over a week ago from other places. I can’t stress enough how impressed I am, and have been in the past, with the attention to customer service and just the total quality package VV projects. I have never been disappointed in a product, never had a bad experience service-wise, and subsequently never hesitated to recommend VV to anyone who’d listen. Just thought I’d pass that along. Seems most people these days are more inclined to take the time to write only when something goes wrong. Vineyard Vines is the type of operation, in my opinion, that encourages recognition for getting it right. and there’s too few companies out there like that. - Dave P.

Just got your email in regards to my order... and the picture of Shep and Ian made me laugh and made me jealous! The good life from industrious living! I'm sure you are making your folks proud! Congratulations on the success of your company! My college student(son), sophomore at Texas Tech University, and my sophomore in HS (son) love your apparel (and actually know where you are from! ha! I am an original Yankee now a Texan) Have a blessed Christmas season and a wonderful New Year! - Nancy F.

Hello, my name is Seth Sides. I just wanted to let you guys know how much I enjoy your products and clothing. I've been visiting the Vineyard Vines store Memphis for a few years, with a great liking of an employee named Jim who helped me every time I visited the store. Now that I've moved to Murfreesboro, Tennessee for college I've visited the Nashville store quite often. I can't stop purchasing items. I am also interested in being a campus representative for Vineyard Vines. I am a full time student at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I have a great reputation with clothing and get multiple compliments on my Vineyard Vines apparel. Once again, I'd like to think you and the vineyard vines staff for the great service, attitude, and most of all the outstanding products. - Seth S.

I saw on your website that you welcome random greetings from your customers; therefore, I've decided to drop a line and say hello! I'm originally from Indiana, but started college at Bowdoin in Maine last fall. I hadn't heard of Vineyard Vines until moving out East. Now that I'm here, I enjoy going to your outlet store in Freeport, ME. My East Coast friends wear your clothes frequently and comment on how wonderful they are. Vineyard Vines clothing is a luxury for me, but I'm saving up my money to buy some shirts from the store in Freeport so I can proudly don the great quality of Vineyard Vines back in the Midwest. I'm hoping that soon my wardrobe will be filled with V.V. clothes. - Jordan L.

Love everything! hope my new catalog is in mail today need more VV in the closet. - Stacey W.

I just wanted to thank you guys for making a French bulldog tie! I ordered one for my boyfriend and one for my brother. I attached a picture of my Frenchie just for fun! - Cassie P.

I just wanted to drop a quick note about the excellent experiences I've been having at the Outlet in Mebane, NC. The employees there are great! Always willing to help you find just what you're looking for and not just there to ring you up. They are knowledgeable about the brand and you can tell they enjoy their jobs. Bo and Holden have especially been helpful with assisting me with the bow ties. Thanks for putting an outlet in Mebane and thanks for such a great staff. - Stephen S.

Hello! I just wanted to acknowledge the fast shipping of an item that I ordered yesterday (1/17/12) that arrived at my front door before noon today (1/18/12)!! That is great service! In fact, I was looking at the box for a minute and was hesitant to open it thinking that it really can't be the item!! But no worries, it was opened, tried on and is hanging in my closet already!! - Jen C.