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Oct 2, 2015

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5-Star Planner

Sep 19, 2015

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Brittany Blythe

If you’re looking to get a taste of Sea Island, it would be worth your while to get invited to one of Brittany’s festive events. Responsible for conferences and corporate events, Brittany goes the extra mile to ensure her clients receive the ultimate experience, from vintage cars, to live music and more. And if you’re traveling for business, what better way to unwind than with beautiful oceanfront views, sunset cocktails, and great hospitality. With friendly people, a relaxing atmosphere, and top-notch services, Brittany makes you feel right at home. Anyone who can make work feel like a vacation gets five stars in our book!

Speaking of events, we have an exciting one happening today! Visit a store near you and Color Your Fall with our newest arrivals!

Wise Guys

Sep 16, 2015

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vineyard vines, denim collection

We collaborated with one of our favorite bloggers & friend, Julia of Lemon Stripes, to show some great ways to style our new jeans. With a just-right stretchy feel, Julia loves the versatility of our Skinny Jeans as they can be dressed up or down. And as a fashion blogger, nothing’s better than having the perfect pair in two great washes!

vineyard vines, denim collection

vineyard vines, denim collection

Looking for jeans that can do it all? Whether you’re heading downtown for some shopping, taking a leisurely bike ride, or dressing to go out to dinner, we’ve got the perfect style for your every need. Check out our new collection here and visit a store near you to try them on for size!Read more about @LemonStripes

Happy Labor Day!

Sep 7, 2015

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Fit for the fairway

Sep 5, 2015

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When you’re a PGA Pro with a handicap of zero, you can pretty much write your own ticket. It’s really saying something, then, that First Assistant Golf Pro Patrick Bindel chose Sea Island as his home course after graduating from Campbell University in North Carolina.

Patrick’s not just a great golfer—he’s a great teacher, too. In just one lesson on the Seaside Course (his favorite hole is #6), he managed to shave two strokes off our score!

Tempted to get out on the course yourself? Head to the green in VV style with our latest Golf Collection.

The Cloister Belle

Sep 3, 2015

vineyard vines, EDSFTG, Sea Island
Amongst the beautiful scenic views and endless shorelines, Sea Island had a lot to offer as our backdrop for our fall collection. But what specifically caught our eye in the marina was The Cloister Belle, one of the most beautiful vintage classic yachts in America. At 71 feet, this mahogany and teak work of art was originally named Pearl Necklace, and traveled throughout New England as a charter before landing on The Cloister Dock at Sea Island, Georgia.

Trading in her chartering excursions for tours and laid-back sunset cruises—some filled with dinner guests or nature enthusiasts—she continues to be a highlight for both locals and visitors as the belle of the isle.

Be a southern belle yourself and shop our Nautical Looks!


Sep 1, 2015

A letter from Adair

Aug 31, 2015

Earlier this summer a young customer from Raleigh, Adair, reached out to us with a letter expressing her concern over the names of our lounge and lazy pants. We’d named our men’s and boy’s pants “Lounge Pants,” while women’s and girl’s pants were called “Lazy Pants” (for a relaxed connotation). Adair stated in her letter “It made me feel very sad that you call them lazy pants because in my opinion girls are not lazy. My mom works just as hard as my dad. My sister and I work just as hard as the boys at our school.”

We were excited that Adair gave us an opportunity to fix it! We invited Adair and her family to VVHQ so they could meet Shep & Ian, get an office tour, and (most importantly) so Adair could design her own pair of newly renamed Lounge Pants. Adair’s letter and visit were a perfect example of how our customers are the very best out there.

Every day should feel THAT good!

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