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We’re gearing up for game day with the perfect, easy-to-make snacks. Here’s one of our favorite recipes from our very own PR Manager, Andie!

1) Preheat Oven to 350 degrees

2) Mix together: 

  • 1 8 ounce brick of softened cream cheese
  • 1/2 cup ranch dressing
  • 1/2 cup Frank’s Red Hot
  • 1 lg or 2 small cans chicken, shredded
  • 1/3 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
3) Pour into an oven safe baking dish and top with additional shredded mozzarella

4) Bake for 20 minutes & serve with tortilla chips (or for a healthier version serve with veggies-carrots, celery, cucumber and green peppers are all great)

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Spring in St. Barths

Jan 28, 2015

It’s easy to think of St. Barths as just a haven for the rich and famous. A place where you go to see… and be seen. But that’s not exactly how we know it. You see, we first visited the island some 30 years ago, when our grandma had a little apartment there. To this day, we joke that it was nothing more than a 200 square-foot room with an outdoor kitchen and a bug problem. Not exactly Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous—but just about perfect, if you ask us.

St. Barths is filled with amazing people, beautiful beaches, and a life just a little simpler than the hustle and bustle of the city streets we’re all too familiar with. It’s a place where you can relax and unwind, with good company and great adventures. And it’s because of all of this, that we knew St. Barth’s would provide the perfect inspiration for our Spring 2015 Collection.

We hope you enjoy learning about our little slice of paradise while we introduce our Spring 2015 Collection. Enjoy & thanks for your support!

Shep & Ian

vineyard vines, wedding, ties

Couple’s Name… Alden (bride) and Harris Fontaine

We met… I ended up moving to Houston for a job (which I never ever thought I would do!) and we met out one night through a mutual pal (Jim Thomson–we owe you!!) who grew up with Harris and went to Vanderbilt with me. Harris preceded to tell me a ghost story or two over a round of brews and the rest is history…

The proposal… Harris invited me to go away for a solo weekend with just him out to his parent’s farm (about an hour outside Houston) to get some needed R&R. After waking me up from a nice siesta, he convinced me to take a walk around the property with him, where eventually (after a couple mosquito swarms!) we ended up at the top of a hill overlooking the lake at sunset, with a champagne picnic awaiting us.  Needless to say, he completely shocked me (I was wearing pajamas and a sweatband on my head!) and of course I said yes!! We got to enjoy this very special moment, just the two of us, and then ran back home to call all our friends and family!

The wedding was…  At St. George’s in Newport, Rhode Island on August 30, 2014. I went to boarding school at St. George’s, plus my family has been going to Watch Hill, RI every summer for years, so Harris knew how special Newport is to me. Luckily he was totally onboard with hauling all our Texas/Southern friends and relatives up for our wedding weekend!

Getting married in my high school chapel– which Harris and I feel is one of the most incredible chapels we’ve ever stepped foot in– followed by our reception at the stunning New York Yacht Club right on the water…let’s just say everything was freakishly beautiful and perfect!

We incorporated VV into our special day …. In a BIG way, thanks to Ian (my cousin’s amazing husband!) who set us up with Lizzy Whitely and her awesome team to create our custom tie! Harris is a huge “Dead Head” and wanted to use the Grateful Dead dancing bear as the main design element, which VV did in a classy, good looking way! We were THRILLED with the final product and now we have a really cool, one-of-a-kind tie that will always remind us (plus the groomsmen and both our fathers) of our Newport weekend!

A special thanks to our photographer, Bruce Plotkin, for capturing all the beautiful moments!

Win a luxury vacation!

Jan 22, 2015

vineyard vines, luxury, vacation

Hello from Palm Beach!

Jan 20, 2015

This week we were lucky enough to escape the cold for a few days down at The Breakers in Palm Beach! Our Weekender Duffle was perfect for fitting all our warm-weather essentials. Did you make a break for the sun, or are you keeping warm in VV style? Share your photos with #EDSFTG

vineyard vines, Palm Beach, The Breakers

The Friday Five

Jan 16, 2015

VV Classic Piqué Polo- Tons of bright and fun colors to choose from, and very easy to mix and match with any pair of shorts, pants or swim trunks. My go-to is a long-sleeve Vintage Whale T-Shirt under the short-sleeve polo.

Lakers- I’ve been a big time Lakers fan for as long as I can remember, which is a little strange because I’m from the East Coast and there aren’t many Lakers fans out here. I must be drawn to their winning ways. #16championships

Sports- I absolutely love watching kids learn the basic fundamentals of sports and apply what they learn from practicing with their coaches to live games. I’m a huge sports fan but there is something so special about seeing it from a youth’s perspective and witnessing the growth throughout the season. One of my goals for this year is to coach a youth basketball team.

Music- I’m not picky. Give me anything from Eric Clapton to Stevie Wonder. Throw in a little Kings of Leon and Gnarles Barkley. As long as the sweet sounds are blaring through my Beats by Dre. headphones. Music for me is very therapeutic as I am able to find a playlist for any occasion. I wake up to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams almost every Monday, and “Easy Like A Sunday Morning” by Lionel Richie every Sunday morning.

Shep Shirt- While listening to “Easy Like A Sunday Morning”, I like to lounge around in my VV lounge pants and navy Shep shirt. For some reason the combination just screams “relax!” and has become my weekend uniform.

We’re proud to announce that we are the official apparel provider for PGA Tour pro golfer Jason Dufner! Get to know more about Jason with a few fun facts!vineyard vines, jason dufner


Favorite golf course  Augusta National Golf Club
Favorite Auburn memory – 2010 National Championship Season
What is your every day should feel this good moment? Knowing that at some point…somewhere…I got better.
VV product you can’t live withoutLinks Shorts
All-time favorite vacation spot – Bakers Bay
Favorite Athlete? Michael Jordan
Any hobbies? Auburn sports, tennis, horseshoes, darts, shopping
What did you want to be when you grew up? A marine biologist
Favorite type of music – Rap/Hip-Hop
What was your motivation for starting the Jason Dufner Foundation?  When the tornadoes ripped through Alabama, I wanted to find a way to give back; so I set up my Foundation.
What made you choose child hunger as your platform?  It is something so real and so local there was really no question what Amanda and I wanted to do — to find a way to make an impact with the local youth.
Any siblings? – Half-sister, Jessica
Ocean or lake? – Ocean
Favorite meal? – Stone crab
Golf icon? – Ben Hogan
Favorite dessert? – Bananas Foster
How did you and Amanda meet?  Through mutual friends down in Alabama
How do  you and Amanda deal with the Auburn/ Alabama rivalry? Acceptance is the first step. We do well with it, but we both ended the season with disappointment.
If you could have one song play as you approached the course, what would it be? “We Ready” – By Archie Eversole

A fresh start

Jan 10, 2015

vineyard vines, new years resolutions


Jan 7, 2015

First month of the New Year! Anything is possible…

January, vineyard vines

Happy New Year!

Jan 1, 2015

Thank you for all of your support in 2014. Ring in the New Year in style!

happy new year, vineyard vines

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