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The Cloister Belle

Sep 3, 2015

vineyard vines, EDSFTG, Sea Island
Amongst the beautiful scenic views and endless shorelines, Sea Island had a lot to offer as our backdrop for our fall collection. But what specifically caught our eye in the marina was The Cloister Belle, one of the most beautiful vintage classic yachts in America. At 71 feet, this mahogany and teak work of art was originally named Pearl Necklace, and traveled throughout New England as a charter before landing on The Cloister Dock at Sea Island, Georgia.

Trading in her chartering excursions for tours and laid-back sunset cruises—some filled with dinner guests or nature enthusiasts—she continues to be a highlight for both locals and visitors as the belle of the isle.

Be a southern belle yourself and shop our Nautical Looks!


Sep 1, 2015

A letter from Adair

Aug 31, 2015

Earlier this summer a young customer from Raleigh, Adair, reached out to us with a letter expressing her concern over the names of our lounge and lazy pants. We’d named our men’s and boy’s pants “Lounge Pants,” while women’s and girl’s pants were called “Lazy Pants” (for a relaxed connotation). Adair stated in her letter “It made me feel very sad that you call them lazy pants because in my opinion girls are not lazy. My mom works just as hard as my dad. My sister and I work just as hard as the boys at our school.”

We were excited that Adair gave us an opportunity to fix it! We invited Adair and her family to VVHQ so they could meet Shep & Ian, get an office tour, and (most importantly) so Adair could design her own pair of newly renamed Lounge Pants. Adair’s letter and visit were a perfect example of how our customers are the very best out there.

Every day should feel THAT good!


Aug 27, 2015

We’ve been having so much fun with our #WhalesForACause campaign, and it appears that you have too! Thanks to you, we’re supporting a great cause—with every photo shared, we’re donating a school lunch to a child in need through the Jason Dufner Foundation! We’ve loved seeing your tagged photos of your very creative and fun whales and hope you’ll keep on sharing. Remember, you have until September 25th! Let’s keep the good vibes flowing!

 2,466 whales to date = 2,466 lunches!

#WhalesForACause, EDSFTG, vineyard vines

If you’re a teacher and would like a box of whale templates sent directly to your classroom, please email us:

Make your own whale here.
See full terms and conditions.

With summer winding down, we’re taking a look back at all the happy times, fun adventures, and sun-kissed days. Thank you to all who shared photos with #HowDoYouSummer on Instagram. We loved seeing how you sport the whale on your summer travels (or stay-cations). Cheers to another summer for the books!

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Check out all of your summer photo submissions here!

The Falconer

Aug 22, 2015

falconer, sea island, vineyard vines

With dive speeds well in excess of 200 mph, a peregrine falcon can sneak up on any prey it sets its mind to. Just ask Chris, Master Falconer at Sea Island’s hunting club, Broadfield. Chris—whose father was a falconer, too—works closely with his birds, training up to five at a time in this ancient sport, teaching them to hunt game from high overhead. Passionate about these raptors, Chris loves to spread the word, teaching kids and adults alike about conservation and the history of falconry.

“Falconry isn’t about modifying or domesticating a bird’s behavior as much as it is convincing the bird that his goals and yours are aligned. The bird has to believe that he’ll have an easier time getting food by hanging around me than not”, Chris says in an interview with NUVO magazine.

Chris’ unique career allows him to enjoy the great outdoors of beautiful Sea Island, GA. And with a passion that’s obvious to everyone he meets, he takes the Good Life to new heights!

Captain Kennedy

Aug 19, 2015

vineyard vines, sea island, fall
Mike Kennedy & Family, Sea Island, GA
When you turn your favorite childhood vacation spot into a permanent home, you might just find your Good Life in the center of Sea Island. At least, that’s how it happened for Mike. Following in his father’s and brother’s footsteps, Mike began his fishing career 16 years ago and has been at Sea Island the past 14. As Director of Recreation at Sea Island, Mike is outdoors any chance he gets teaching younger children all about the ecosystems of Sea Island, arranging fishing excursions and sailing cruises. But more importantly, he embodies everything Sea Island represents with a warm smile and passion to give everyone the perfect experience while they’re under his wing.

“The marshes are not only ripe with educational opportunities, but they also provide some of the most scenic beauty anywhere, especially in the golden light of sunsets. All our fishing guides act as naturalists who are eager to share the history of the region as well as their expertise developed from having spent years observing wildlife like bottlenose dolphins and shorebirds in the area. We love pulling up crab traps to show kids hundreds of tiny animals thriving in that one little spot of this amazing habitat… It’s easy to see why we think this is a pretty special place,” Mike explains in an article of Sea Island Life magazine.

Read more about Mike here!
Looking to plan a kids fishing trip? Check out Sea Island’s tours.

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We met…  Through my brother Jeff.  We had met years before we started dating and always shared a connection to the Boston Marathon.  Before the 2012 Boston Marathon, I asked my brother for Will’s number to wish him luck and he told me that he had just given my number to Will who wanted to give me a call before.  That was when the first light went off.

The proposal… He proposed the day before the 2014 Boston Marathon in the Boston Common.  We were running together the next day and I had absolutely no idea it was coming.  Earlier in the day I had apparently accidently sabotaged his proposal when I fixed the camera that he was using as a ploy to get me to walk across the park to the camera store.  It worked out in the end, because instead we took a walk in the afternoon with our dogs, Grady and Riva. It was perfectly fitting that they were there to be a part of the proposal.

The wedding was… At St. Mary’s and the reception was at the Great Harbor Yacht Club on Nantucket.  The GHYC has been our venue for many long and boisterous dinners with family and friends.  The club has amazing views and the architecture and décor are beautiful.  The staff there is always welcoming, fun and engaging, making for a very inviting location for our guests.

We incorporated VV into our special day by… The guy’s outfits started with the Fishbone Woven Tie.  When we saw it, we knew we had to have it.  From there we had help at the Nantucket vineyard vines store for the rest of the attire.  We wanted a more casual look and went with the Blue Blazer, Club Pants, and the Fine Line Cooper Shirt.  We also complemented the men’s ties with my father sporting a similar but unique Crossed Fishbone Woven Tie.  VV also outfitted us for our welcome party the night before the wedding with my Sequin Skirt and Will’s Oxford Elbow Patch Sport Coat with yellow VV pants.  It was an explosion of color but as Holly Wall of Nantucket’s vineyard vines says “anything goes with vineyard vines”.

Special thanks to our photographer, Katie Kaizer.

All in the prep work

Aug 8, 2015

We’re hanging onto summer for as long as we can…but fall is right around the corner! Join us in stores and shop our back-to-school favorites. We’ve got you covered for the first day, through the school year and beyond.

vineyard vines, back to school

vineyard vines, back to school

While you’re shopping back-to-school styles, you can also help to support children in need. Read all about #WhalesForACause here!

There’s nothing quite like good ‘ol Southern soul food. You may have seen Griffin and Harrison on the pages of Southern Living and Garden & Gun Magazine, for their famous (and smoky) Southern Soul Barbeque. As proprietors, these guys serve up the ultimate southern comfort food, from pulled pork to Brunswick stew. But Harrison loves cooking ribs over hardwood. It’s anything but easy—and it’s always a labor of love. With a friendly environment and laid-back feel, it’s the perfect spot to hang out and enjoy a good meal.

And if you don’t believe us, take it from The Local Palate in their June 7, 2015 issue:

“We had so much fun eating at Southern Soul Barbeque that we decided we needed to meet the owners. Not only do Griffin Bufkin and Harrison Sapp make the best lunch to be had in the entirety of the Golden Isles, but they also make sure the whole experience is fun at their gas station turned restaurant on St. Simons. This is low-key barbecue at its best; know that you will leave reeking of smoke (especially if you sit at a picnic table outside), and that you may have trouble picking a favorite from the four sauces they make.”

If you ever find yourself down in Georgia, check these guys out at Southern Soul Barbeque!
Follow them on Instagram—caution: their account will make you hungry!

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